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"My time with Kara was eye-opening, different from any other therapeutic experience I've been in"  -Female 43

"My time with Kara was eye-opening, different from any other therapeutic experience I've been in"  -Female 43


"Kara has been a wonderful resource for my wife and I. We got to a point where we were just "stuck" and frustrated. Through visiting with Kara, we found a very impartial third-party who guided us through the steps to get out of the rut we were in. She was an excellent listener and very accurate with her feedback and recommendations. We implemented her advice and noticed a significant change in the direction of our relationship. We feel very fortunate to have someone like her to help us nourish and strengthen our marriage."  - Male age 30 (couple's work)

"I continue be amazed at Kara's ability to see things in a new light, exactly as they are. She creates an environment that enables me to see who I am, and leads me to positive change toward who I want to be."- Female age 28 (personal improvement & parenting)

"Kara has a unique ability to zero in not only on what a person needs in life and from their therapist, but what is preventing them from getting those needs met and from working successfully with a therapist. A lot of people think that they are smarter than their therapist and try to play games with them...I know I did when I first met Kara. Luckily for me she called me on all of my crap and didn't let me hide behind my normal defenses. She is truly dedicated to creating an environment where a person can sort through their own issues and find a solution. She knows when and how to guide you and when to let you roam around until you find the answer. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her."- Female age 23 (Individual work)

"I have known Kara for about 5 years when she began counseling my teenage daughter. She was a great fit for my teenager and related so well to her. My daughter felt comfortable opening up to her and felt she could trust Kara with some pretty delicate issues. I began seeing Kara a few years after that and have seen her on and off since then...depending on my needs and circumstances. Kara has the ability to be very intuitive and understanding and yet at the same time not allowing one to wallow in often debilitating comfort zones. If you want a therapist who will get in your ‘space' with you and then make no bones about strongly helping you hack your way out, then she is for you."  - Female age 47 (Individual work)

"I really enjoyed my therapy with Kara Sanft. I was really looking for someone who I felt comfortable opening up to and I found that with Kara. In the past, I saw three other therapists and I have to tell you, with Kara I felt that I worked through more of my problems than all three of the other therapist together. She really cared and listened. Every time I walked out of her office, I felt myself becoming healthier. I would recommend her to anyone who is really looking to improve their life." -Female age 34 (Individual work & Parenting)

"Kara helped me through a particularly hard time in my life, not just with the issues I was having at the moment, but with what had lead me to that moment. She helped me understand why. Which was huge for me. Moreover, with insights that I never would have comprehended. Her style is loose and cool and very comfortable. Upon hearing that I was in therapy, friends and family would say, ‘I think its great that you can admit that your seeing a therapist.’ I never saw it that way. To me, it seemed more like I would come out of the ‘game’ for a little bit, sit on the bench, talk to my coach, and get back in the game. And I've been ‘playing’ ever since." - Male age 44 (Individual & couples work)

"I have a very busy life and am constantly dealing with a large amount of stress. As a business owner, wife and mother, I am required to wear many "hats."  After a family crisis that almost ended my marriage, my husband and I came to Kara for professional help.  From our very first appointment, I felt stronger. Through working with Kara I have changed the way that I deal with situations and people. To be able to communicate better with my loved ones as well as other individuals is a great feeling.  Kara is strong, intelligent and has a giant heart.  We have seen amazing results from our therapy with her.  My husband and I are very grateful for her support and for all the work she has done with us." - Female age 47 (Individual & couples work)

"In what has been perhaps the most difficult year of my life, Kara has become an invaluable part of my ability not just to cope, but to move forward and become the type of person I've always wanted to be. Kara has a very well-balanced sense of knowing when it's time to let me just unload emotions and when it's time to lead me to action, to positive change. Too many therapists do nothing but textbook reflective listening, others love to hear themselves talk. What is so refreshing about Kara's approach is she seems to have a knack for knowing when you need to be heard and when you need a good kick in the rear. She is not afraid to call you out on your crap, and she finds a way to make you see some things you probably don't want to, but need to in order to move forward. And she still manages to do all this with compassion and patience. As a decently educated person, I also appreciate her book recommendations. That might sound trivial, but I can tell you that had I read the first book she suggested a year ago when she told me about it, I would have spent a lot less time struggling. If you need more than someone to say "tell me how you feel" and really want to do the work of therapy to change your life, Kara is the perfect blend of life coach and listener. Without hesitation I can tell you I would not have been able to get through my crises and gotten to this happy place I am arriving at in my life, without Kara's expert and compassionate assistance." - Male age 39 (Individual and couples work)

"After I was fed up with living a life full of constant anxiety and insecurity, I contacted Kara on a whim.  Despite the fact that I had no experience with therapy, I immediately felt a relaxed chemistry and left my first session with a sense that we would be making a life changing journey together.  With Kara’s guidance and encouragement, I fell in love with the ever-changing and enlightening process of self-development.  Not only was I able to meet my initial goals, but I felt the confidence to expand my life into one filled with fun, love, passion and happiness.  I won’t give up my standing appointment with Kara, not because I still feel anxious and sad, but because I am excited to continue learning and growing through our work together." - Female age 28 (Individual work)

"My experience with Therapy has been just amazing. Getting to know yourself is quite a journey! I have been in therapy with Kara for almost a year now and I have no hurry to leave therapy, she provides great guidance for your life and helps you towards progress. If you are willing to be dedicated you should see amazing results in your life! It certainly has changed my life in a very positive way, it hurts to grow sometimes but it's better then living in the mistakes of the past." - Female age 38 (Individual and couple work)

"My time with Kara was eye-opening, different from any other therapeutic experience I've been in. She helped me to sort through things and see them in new, healthier ways and be able to move forward in a time in my life when I didn't think it was possible.  She is wonderfully kind and has a way of putting you at ease that is invaluable.  I absolutely plan to remain in touch with Kara because I feel I can always use the insight she has to offer." - Female age 43 (Individual work)

"Like most I was hesitant about divulging my personal business to a stranger,but my fiance and I knew after our first meeting with Kara she was perfect for us. With her down to earth, warm, compassionate, and fair approach she has guided and given us the necessary tools to bring not only our relationship but our family back together again. My fiance has told me many times he connected with her because he never felt "teamed up" on by her and felt comfortable opening up. We are a completely different couple now, enjoying a healthy & stable relationship we NEVER thought was possible. I truly believe we are better individuals because of her. She is by far one of the most important people in my life." - Female age 33 (Individual and couple work)

"Kara helped me identify exactly what was holding me back.  One of those ways was by giving me writing assignments.  She knew that writing was an outlet for me and it helped me channel my thoughts.  She helped me accept where I was in life without letting me beat myself up about it. June 13, 2008 I wrote in my journal what I wanted to do with my I live exactly what I wrote. Kara gave me the tools to get me to that place.  - Female 42 (Individual work)